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Action plan to define a food policy that is based on: HEALTH, HEALTHY FOOD with QUALITY PROXIMITY PRODUCT


  1. Health
  2. Food
  3. Urban – Rural

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

• Define the basis of a healthy food policy with proximity product, establishing direct relationships with health. • Investigation of which proximity products can positively affect the health of the people in verse of others. Analysis of eco products, km 0, etc. • Define healthy eating in specific areas: citizenship, elderly people, children, sportsmen, etc. Improvement of eating habits as a formula for investment in health. • Establish an own product labelling that highlights the quality of the product from several aspects. (nutrition, ecological, production, etc.) • Analyse the production of an agricultural park with the singularities that become as a production space in the municipality. • Promote local products and high quality products in other exported ones. • Food social inclusion. Access to food in the most disadvantaged populations. • Do not waste food. • Establish menus / baskets as a direct improvement of health, proximity, inclusions, schools, etc. • Promotion of local buying and selling circuits where the distinction is in the quality of the product. • Promotion of dignified employment and quality in the agri-food sector. • The promotion and dynamization of the gastronomic and gastronomic heritage of Gavà. • Promote civic governance and participation so that it is a citizens' project. • Evaluate the creation of a department of own nutrition of the town hall.

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Useful Information

We have an ecosystem that allows us to integrate the necessary elements to make a careful planning of the food policy linked to the slow food movement and to guarantee a quality of life typical of our city brand.
i. Natural environment: Agrarian Park: The agricultural identity may be at risk to be a testimonial activity as there is no generational relief in the activity. In order to be a work option for young people and to be a competitive activity
ii. Economic promotion: Farmer’s market, Restorers, Canning production
iii. City Branding: Gavà naturally is quality of life and sustainability in all aspects
iv. Policy: Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. there is clear knowledge of the basis of what this food policy should be in relation to social inclusion, not wasteful, responsible consumption, strongly linked to health and the consequences derived, to the slow food movement, at proof of how to improve quality of life with proximity or ecological products.
v. Health Services: There is a special interest in the health services of the municipality in order to establish links between the repercussions of healthy eating and health
vi. Research & Universities: In the territory we have a key player in order to strengthen agricultural activity and innovation, such as the Agropolis of the UPC, a scientific-technical unit specialized in agri-food engineering, biotechnology engineering and environmental engineering environment and landscape

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26 February 2019

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