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Currently not looking for partners (Integrated approach to climate adaptation / urban greening, working together with citizens and businesses).


  1. Climate adaptation
  2. Health and quality of life
  3. Community building and social cohesion

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

We are developing an integrated approach to urban greening. Our aim is to reduce heat stress, air pollution and flooding risks, while at the same time improving physical and mental health, social cohesion and biodiversity in the city. We recognise the important role that citizens and businesses play in this approach. The challenge is to bundle ideas from different parties and use the creativity and willingness to participate from citizens, entrepreneurs, experts and policy makers. Key in this approach is to incorporate a model that places value on ecosystem service principles (i.e. what is the value of a greener city?). In this way climate adaptation / greening the city is not a mere cost but can also be seen as a benefit. For this we will start a pilot, investigating the unused possibilities around urban greening and climate adaptation. We will relate this to the value model based on ecosystem service principles. This will lead to a business case on the basis of possible benefits from ecosystem services related to design and maintenance costs. A stakeholder analysis will be carried out and efforts will be made to build a community around urban greening. The result will be a toolkit of different measures for urban greening, which takes into consideration community support, costs and (non-monetary) benefits. We will use this toolkit, combined with the lessons from partners to form an integrated action plan for the city-wide implementation of the greening concept.

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Useful Information

We are looking for partners that focus on climate adaptation. We are looking for motivated partners to exchange information about trials and experiences in how to build a community and increase awareness and self-responsibility for a healthy and livable environment. Our model to give value on ecosystem principles is not necessarily your solution for an integrated approach. We are interested to hear your solutions. We would prefer to be a project partner, but will consider being lead partner if the partnership calls for this. Although we have no experience with Urbact we have a good subsidy team.

Alphen aan den Rijn is a midsize (population 107.000) municipality in the center of the Netherlands. The municipality contains a city and 7 smaller sized villages, but also a large agricultural area (lifestock farming, arable farming and tree nurseries). Alphen aan den Rijn has a growing economy and population and is facing issues in the field of sustainable development, mental and physical health, social cohesion and inner-city attractiveness, mobility, climate change, energy transition and biodiversity.

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28 March 2019

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