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Supporting and enhancing the provision of quality green infrastructure in urban areas for health benefits


  1. Health
  2. Air quality
  3. Climate adaptation

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

A large proportion of global mortality is due to chronic diseases that are attributable to health risks related to the urban built environment, such as physical inactivity and obesity, transport-generated urban air pollution, household biomass energy use, indoor air pollution, and heat stress. Well planned and designed green infrastructure, through offering a wide range of ecosystem services, can contribute to healthy urban living and climate change adaptation. Numerous studies reported findings that generally supported the view that green space has positive impacts on health and well-being. This project's objective is to support and enhance the provision of quality green infrastructure in urban areas for their health benefits. Based on the experiences exchanged and the good practices identified the URBACT Local Groups will create integrated Health Responsive Green Infrastructure Action Plans for the involved cities. The action plans will include measures supporting planning, design, and maintenance of green infrastructure; measures targeting social activities; as well as various policy instruments (e.g. market-based instruments, regulatory instruments) targeting urban green infrastructure interventions. Cities will exchange policy challenges and share experiences, problems and possible solutions related to four KEY THEMES: 1. Heat stress 2. Air quality and noise 3. General impacts on physical and mental health 4. Lifestyles, social function, physical activities

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The Municipality of 12th District of Budapest intends to work with some key European cities which are 1) already promoting parks and green spaces to improve health and well-being, or 2) have comprehensive greening plans or green space strategies, or 3) have due results in climate adaptation and climate-responsive design.
We would especially appreciate potential partners from less developed regions as well as cities that are new to URBACT, however, feel free to contact us even if this does not apply to you.

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04 March 2019

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