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Deepen in the relationship between urban planning and health


  1. Urban planning
  2. Health

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

Collective health is largely determined by policies outside the health sector. Issues such as socioeconomic factors, education and culture, the physical features of cities and towns, environmental factors, etc., have a stronger impact on people’s health and quality of life than the healthcare system itself. Urban planning is a key element in the definition of the city model, and it has a direct influence on promoting a healthy lifestyle. There is scientific evidence about the relationship between health and the environment in which we develop our lives, but it is not always easy to connect this evidence with the specific policies promoted from the city. On the other hand, there is a difficulty in evaluating the effectiveness of actions proposed at urban level in terms of health. The city of Vic has developed a methodology to incorporate the health perspective into urban planning and the health impact assessment as a replicable and extrapolable tools. Based on our background, our goal is to lead a network to undertake specific actions from an integrated and participatory way, in order to improve the citizens quality of life

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Useful Information

The project proposes to create a network of cities to deepen the relationship between health and the urban environment. Analyze how urban planning affects the health of the inhabitants and propose an action in order to assess its impact on health.

Some of the thematic areas that the project could explore are:
• Urban Planning:
o Healthy City: Improve health through Master Plan
o Innovative Urban Planning (walkability, density, greening, polycentric, etc.)
o Open public spaces
o Mobility
• Methodology
o Health Impact Assessment: evaluation, indicators.
o Citizen participation

The project “Healthy cities: from Planning to action” could be a great opportunity to work together with other cities that have similar interests and challenges.
Some cities may consider actions to improve health around social cohesion, recovery of degraded environments, promoting active mobility, physical activity or others. In any case, the global health perspective, will allow us to share objectives and methodologies to achieve the goals.

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29 January 2019

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