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Territorial planning and enhancement of urban heritage with the guiding idea of ​​an inclusive and accessible city.


  1. Urban Renewal
  2. Urban planning
  3. Social Cohesion

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

Verona Municipality intends to approach the broader theme of the "right to the city" in terms of vision and tools, consolidating the current urban policies over the issues of regeneration/ redevelopment of urban areas and removal of architectural barriers to raise territorial and social cohesion, to combine territorial planning and the enhancement of urban heritage with the guiding idea of ​​an inclusive and accessible city. Specifically, in the context of the policies currently underway, the following will be explored: development of accessible urban routes (integrating the current mapping of the territory for the removal of architectural barriers and the upcoming territorial mapping of disused public/private sites for their regeneration/conversion); accessibility to urban heritage (enhancing, in an inclusiveness logic to be applied for the needs of residents, children, elderly, disabled, occasional visitors and tourists, accessibility to city sites, in particular those ones of historical interest, recreational/public spaces); exploration of mobile applications (App), technologies, spaces where living sensory experiences to learn and explore about the city and its culture, accessibility labeling, development of a local marketing strategy that considers the plurality of beneficiaries and their needs. We are looking for cities eager to share over the above described urban planning.

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Useful Information

Verona Municipality is providing itself with various planning instruments in line with some of the European cohesion policy thematic objectives: sustainable mobility, with the adoption of the Sustainable Mobility Urban Plan; accessibility, with the adoption of the Plan for the removal of Architectural Barriers (both the plans are in a definition phase). It is adopting policies to reduce the consumption of public land and regenerate urban sites, to enhance the territory and the historical heritage (ex: the "ARS DISTRICT project" from the renewal of the historic site of the former Arsenal -the final result will be a citadel of culture and innovation, an urban center of attraction for citizens and tourists that will include museums, laboratory centers, a contemporary urban campus with co-working spaces, start-ups where experimenting sustainable/circular economy, urban market, multi-purpose spaces, urban park; the "Palazzo Bocca Trezza project" from the renewal of an historical building to create a sort of neighborhood center where experimenting new models of urban welfare, recreational and social services facilities; the Memorandum of the State Property Agency for the enhancement and re-functioning of the historical complexes constituting the original defensive system of the city). Citizens participation (through online questionnaires) and mapping of the territory and the population are some of the practical tools by mean of which some of these actions are being carried out.

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19 March 2019

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