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Say Yes to Bieszczady! Culture & Heritge immaculate nature.


  1. City Planning
  2. Culture & Heritage
  3. Cross-border cooperation

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

Ustrzyki Dolne capital city of Bieszczady, the town plays a significant role in the region as a tourist and sports center. The Strwiąż river flows through the city, which - as a tributary of the Dniester - belongs to the Black Sea basin. The headquarters of the International Center for Ecology of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Science and Didactic Center of the Bieszczady National Park. Ustrzyki is a wide and high-standard base in many directions - both in the High Bieszczady and the areas of the Przemyśl Foothills. Increased promotion of the city at the national and international level, renovation and reconstruction of old monuments, creation of new tourist routes - Smart Turism, and the topic of planning to improve the city in terms of sewage, transport accessibility. We are looking for partners from every corner of Europe 1. revitalization 2.canalization turism - park and ride.

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Useful Information

Ustrzyki Dolne - location: south-eastern part of Poland, province Podkarpackie, Bieszczady County, a commune bordering directly with Ukraine, the border of the state and the European Union. It is a sparsely populated area, there are about 10,000 inhabitants in the city - 17,500 in the whole commune, population density 37 people / km2. Ustrzyki Dolne is a popular tourist destination. Ustrzyki Dolne are attractive/ beautiful in summer and winter. In the summer time, the city invites you to use the available network of landscape hiking trails (red, blue, green and yellow) with a total length of 25 km and numerous cycling routes for mountain biking. In winter Ustrzyki also encourage people to play sports, especially for skiing. The city is a popular winter sports resort surrounded by wooded hills. Ustrzyki boasts 5 ski pistes with varying levels of difficulty.
The main tasks of the organization:
- spatial order, real estate management, environment protection and nature protection as well as water management,
- culture, including municipal libraries and other cultural institutions, and protection of monuments and care of monuments,
- maintenance of municipal facilities and public utilities and facilities
- cooperation with local/ regional communities of other countries,
- smart tourism development
The organization puts a lot of emphasis on obtaining funds and funds that can provide residents of this area with personal development and improvement quality.

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05 April 2019

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