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Preserving the Old Town – a goal for people, not a fear


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Demographic, social, cultural and economic indicators of Ukmerge suffer because of the influence of big neighborhood cities, especially because of Vilnius (the capital). Through the transnational exchange, we would like to explore the possibilities and tools for development of Old Town and degraded urban spaces to benefit local inhabitants. In the framework of URBACT program, we aim to strengthen the status of the town as comfortable for living and fully developed. We are looking for solutions to renew the Old Town and public spaces in order help the owners of the cultural heritage to understand the value of their property that leads to the strengthening of tourism and small business by diversification of services such as accommodation, catering, souvenirs, excursions and etc. We need to find the motivational tools, which foster inhabitants to be involved in urban development processes and be active in cherishing of their living environment. We believe that we could be interesting for small but historically valuable towns located near major cities that seek to exploit their historical – cultural potential and create qualitative public spaces for citizens, visitors and small entrepreneurs.

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Useful Information

Ukmerge is one of the oldest towns in Lithuania, rapidly developing from 15th century, though its history reaches 9th century. The pic of prosperity town has reached between the two world wars. As big part of citizens until 2nd world war were Jews, cultural heritage of Ukmerge closely bounded with Jewish culture. Town is located by the river Sventoji, which crosses the town, and is at the crossroad of major Lithuanian cities – Vilnius (capital) and Kaunas (old capital) are among them. Today Ukmerge is middle-sized town with the population of more than 20 thousands inhabitants. It has one of the seven old towns in Lithuania has survived until now days, the mound in Ukmerge centre is one of the most interesting attractions in town. Ukmerge is a comfortable town for living, especially for families, with big potential for the cultural, recreational, economic, and social development.

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12 April 2019
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Partnership complete

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