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Improving Teachers' working conditions by offering tools and support for and in School Leadership at the grass roots level.


  1. Education
  2. Teacher profession
  3. happy teaching

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

- Teacher shortage in cities. - Changed teaching conditions - HR management also applies to teachers - Young Teachers 'early dropping out' of the profession - Retaining teachers in their jobs - Searching for support in and for the school leadership - Improvement of the lokal working context of teachers... small steps with big return on investment - Collective efficacy of a school team - A feeling of well being of all the teachers in the school team - Reducing sick releave of teachers - Attractive teacher carriers by small scale actions at local level - How to keep the best teachers teaching, the best leaders leading and the whole team investing together in the learning of the pupils - Paradigm shift from teaching to learning - What makes teachers happy?

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Useful Information

OECD will soon publish its HR management report in schools, part of the 'School Resources Report'
OECD published its TALIS research on the teachers profession
EUREDICE published January 2018 its report 'Teachers in Europe'
European Commission + Member States in the ET2020 Experts Working Group on School Education, build bricks in order to improve Teachers and School Leaders capacities and working conditions

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25 February 2019

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