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The social and behavioural side of the circular economy is still not adequately addressed at the local level .


  1. Circular economy
  2. Waste prevention
  3. Consumption

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

Central to the theme of circular economy is sustainable consumption and waste prevention. The choices made by citizens in their everyday life could either support or hamper cities transition to a more circular economy. Cities are in a position to help, motivate, nudge or push their citizens in the right direction. Therefore, cities should facilitate for citizens so it is easier to reduce waste and develop more sustainable consumption patterns. However, initial consultation with the Partnership on Circular Economy and several other cities show that the social and behavioural side of a transition towards the circular economy and how citizens will be involved in the transition process is still not adequately addressed at a local level. Also, cities lack knowledge on how to effectively work with waste preventive measures facilitating for more sustainable consumption. The local approaches to waste prevention re-use and recycling initiatives are varied, where some cities have worked actively to increase the focus on waste prevention, re-use and repair. However, the area of waste prevention and re-use has traditionally been seen to be beyond the traditional obligations of the local waste management actors and therefor many local waste authorities still lack knowledge and expertise on the field.

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The projects builds on already established work by the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy, where the partnership have worked to collect best practices from european cities on how to address waste prevention, re-use and circular consumption in European cities today.

To be able to take the Partnerships work forward, we hope to establish a URBACT Action Planning Network, inviting in new cities to investigate these challenges with us. We are specifically looking for cities from less developed countries and cities with ambitions to work with circular economy on the local level. This project would be an unique opportunity to get more knowledge on the topic of Circular Economy, which is a stated priority by the European Commission and will be in focus for the next generation of ERDF.

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22 February 2019

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