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Inspiration and practical knowledge in initiating, organising and supervising PPP in the creation of modern public services.


  1. Local Economic Development
  2. public private partnerships
  3. new ways of investing

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

Rumia as the Leader of small cities network URBACT wants to see how PPP investments are implemented in larger cities and metropolises. We seek inspiration and practical knowledge in initiating, organizing and supervising cooperation between local government units and the private sector in the creation of modern public services. We are convinced that the PPP formula is an alternative to co-financing investments from EU funds, and brings relief in maintaining costly investments. At the same time, this formula gives the opportunity to implement social services, giving the right quality and new (often more economical) ways of managing using the knowledge of the Private sector. We are looking for knowledge and inspiration in the aspects of organizing the following investments in the PPP formula: - Municipal housing and renting - Construction and organization of sports, recreation and cultural centers - Construction and management of car parks, municipal lighting, roads, works, parks, etc. - Organization of municipal economy - Construction of the City Hall - Education We are interested in the process of acquiring an investor (partner), economic aspects of cooperation, financial and profit-making bureaux, partner selection procedure, negotiation processes, wording of local government and private sector contracts, supervision over investment implementation, supervision of public services organization by the private partner, current settlements.

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Useful Information

Rumia is a city of 46 000 inhabitants lying in the north of Poland, within the boundaries of the Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot metropolitan area association. The town is ambitious and willing to experiment in new methodologies, which could then be transfered to other nearby localities. A healthy system of co-investment in the future of the town appears as one of the most important challenges, to which the town wants to go, investing the appropriate human resources to do so. Therefore its ambition to lead a PPPP network, the last being the putting into PRACTICE.
The partners Rumia is looking for are similar smaller cities, but also larger ones, with maybe more experience in the PPP practices.

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08 February 2019

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