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Promotion processes for sustainable development of the city with reconversion of industrial heritage and the enhancement naturalistic system


  1. Urban regeneration
  2. participatory planning
  3. Governance

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

Enhancement of the Olivetti architectural industrial heritage of the '900 through recovery of the voids and the containment of urban dispersion; Implementation of joint concertation and planning processes in urban setting, planning and sustainable mobility; Analysis of the future development scenarios of the city from a settlement, production and ecological standpoint; Sharing and transferability of best practices with the network of European cities.

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Useful Information

Ivrea is a city of 23,637 inhabitants in the Piedmont Region, located about 50 kilometers from Turin. The municipal territory is geographically inserted within the Morenico Amphitheater of Ivrea and is crossed by the river Dora Baltea, an element that divides Ivrea into two distinct parts. On the left the historical city develops, with architectural structures, infrastructural elements, and urban spaces settlement systems dating back to different eras, from the Roman to the XIX century. The area on the right the orographic dates back to the settlement and industrial development of the 20th century, where the growth of society Olivetti has influenced the entire urban structure, making the city and the surrounding area become a cultural and social model and the reference to an industrial and urban scale. "Ivrea Industrial City of the XX century ”was inserted in 2018 in the UNESCO list, to certify the value of the architectural and cultural Olivetti’s heritage.
Another important aspect concerns the environmental and landscape system: the territory of Ivrea presents one barycentric position on the scale of the Dora Baltea river basin, with the fluvial and peripheral context which is peculiar from the ecological and user point of view; the alpine and hilly moraine mountains they identify the skyline, with the Serra d'Ivrea to the east and the entrance to the Valle d’Aosta to the north; among the areas most significant at an ecosystem level are the "Lakes of Ivrea", a

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20 March 2019

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