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Urban regeneration of disadvantaged neighborhoods and act on the factors that improve social cohesion and coexistence.


  1. Disadvantaged neighbourhoods
  2. Social innovation
  3. Urban Renewal

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

Small and medium-sized municipalities also have problems associated with the presence of disadvantaged neighborhoods, from an urbanistic as well as a social point of view. For these types of municipalities it is difficult to deal with these situations due to lack of institutional support and lack of economic and technical resources. It is necessary to find a European strategy that allows small and medium-sized communities to face the challenge of improving the public and private spaces of their disadvantaged communities, as well as to gain in coexistence and social cohesion. We propose 4 basic objectives: 1. Prevent the neighborhood from becoming a residual zone, fighting against social exclusion. 2. Fight against the precariousness of housing. 3. Expand the physical and social spaces of coexistence and connection between neighbors and families. 4. Prevent the development of irregular activities. Òdena presents this proposal so that it can be valued by other municipalities with similar conditions, demographics and size. Europe is also built from small municipalities.

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Useful Information

Òdena is located in the province of Barcelona, ​​with a population of 3,600 people. The municipality has a great extension and coexists industrial and rural realities.

In the periphery of the nucleus of Òdena is the neighborhood of 'Santa Olga', a community formed by approximately 30 houses, on which it wishes to establish a strategy of urban renewal and improvement of coexistence. The general objectives are to consolidate the neighborhood as a decent living space for its citizens by regenerating urbanism and creating some public facilities for the entire municipality, as well as preventing those aspects that can generate situations of social conflict in both public and private.

In addition, as part of the strategy, we consider it important to connect the neighborhood with the main social facilities of Òdena (library, social center, school). In this way generate a flow of people that move from one side to another, favoring citizen contact, the sharing of public space and the creation of new social synergies. In this sense we propose actions such as: improving the internal roads that connect neighborhoods and nucleus, as well as strengthening the main street as a large urban distributor, especially at the pedestrian level.

Òdena is looking for municipalities throughout Europe, with experience in urban regeneration and improvement of coexistence. Òdena is not ready to be a leading partner, but is very motivated to become a very good partner

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21 March 2019

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