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Sustainable models for the regeneration of Brindisi, an ex industrial city of the lower Adriatic in search of identity and development perspectives.


  1. Urban regeneration
  2. Urban agricolture
  3. Local Economic Development

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

The city of Brindisi is in a deep transition. In the last decades, the chemical and energy industrial center has ensured employment and economic growth, compromising the landscape, the environment and the health of the local community. Today, the industrial crisis causes a steady decline in jobs with the related social consequences. With an industrial area five times the urban fabric and partially abandoned, an agro of over 30,000 hectares (Brindisi is the second municipality in the Region of Puglia by extension of agricultural land), tens of kilometers of coastline only partially usable due to the uses industrial and military, large suburban districts lacking essential services, worrying data on social status (Brindisi is on the Italian podium for scholastic dispersion), a demographic crisis caused by emigration (especially youth) and an aging population, the Brindisi community is looking for a new identity and a sustainable and lasting development perspective. The urban and rural regeneration of the territory in a multidimensional perspective is the perspective towards which the Municipality of Brindisi is going, planning policies for the recovery of the abandoned public real estate, the redevelopment of the suburbs, the enhancement of the peri-urban rural territory, the widespread leadership of the community towards the emerging sectors of tourism, agriculture, food and wine and culture.

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As partners we are looking for cities and metropolitan areas that we have faced and are facing periods of economic and social transition, especially from the model of industrial development towards the cultural and tourist city.

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12 April 2019

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