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Creating conditions for the development of creative and innovative attitudes of young people.


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The goal of the M-LAB Youth Laboratory is to create conditions for the development of creative and innovative attitudes of young people in Konin, through activities such as: 1) diagnosing the needs of young people, 2) undertaking activities that stimulate creativity and build a sense of the agency of young people, 3) shaping social, civic and democratic attitudes among young people, 4) initiating activities related to all manifestations of young people's lives in the city, 5) activation of young people through participation in various forms of social and civic life, implementation of youth projects in the city and the organization of free time for young people.

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Useful Information

The M-LAB Youth Laboratory's main project is to create a creative place for young people in Konin. We follow an innovative model of cooperation with young people with their full participation in the design process of this place and carried out with a creative method of design thinking. Until now we have undertaken a series of design activities that has enaged thousands of teenagers from all secondary schools in the city.

Depopulation and outflow from the city of Konin youth and low level of entrepreneurship is one of the biggest problems that we encounter in our region more and more often. Young people, aged 13-35, see no prospects here, complain about the inability to influence what is happening in the city and the lack of opportunities to develop outside the school, which largely does not prepare them for the challenges of the future. Our longterm goal is to create an ecosystem of activities, including youth policies that are building their capacity and provide them with opportunity to have real impact on the development directions of the city.

Konin is a city located in central Poland. Currently it has about eighty thousand inhabitants. Konin stays an important administration centre it has been the province capital from 1975, and due to the administrative reform introduced on 1 Jan 1999, Konin became the seat for the township and the capital of the country district.

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08 April 2019

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