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  • Institution : City of Munich
  • City : Munich
  • Country : Germany
  • Type of region : More developed

I am looking for

  • Project Partners

 Name of the project idea: JOINT MISSION



 Joining efforts from city administration and civil society by connecting various local projects and initiatives striving for a climate-neutral city; achieving a change in awareness and behavior among the population, including city staff. 


Key issues:

- How can the city administration support citizens in contributing to the goal of a climate-neutral city?

- What avenues can be used to raise awareness and activate civil society (culture, education, communication, etc.)?   

- Which existing civic initiatives are particularly promising and how can they be supported and mainstreamed?


Background in Munich: 

In 2019, the city set the ambitious goal of reaching climate neutrality by 2035 – Munich even aims to create climate-neutral districts and a climate neutral city administration by 2030. As the first German city, Munich has signed the “Green City Accord” last year. In 2022, Munich has been selected to join the EU-Mission “100 climate-neutral and smart cities”. Further, Munich is a pilot city in the EU's "Circular Cities and Regions Initiative". 

Munich City Council and a steering committee are politically backing the project idea, which is perfectly suitable for the URBACT programme.

Selection of Munich partners and initiatives: 

- Campaign “Re:think” (former “Cool City”), informing and activating citizens

- Educational campaign for sustainable development („Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung BNE“) in the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by UN

- Promotion of corporate environmental protection programme („Ökoprofit“)

- „Zero Waste City“ Munich: Coordinated actions and public join-ins

- Municipal societies and housing associations

- All existing civil society initiatives


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