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Picnic for the elderly in Hegyvidék-Budapest

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19 November 2021
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„Időspiknik” (Picnic for elderly), a series of mini-programmes within the Health and Greenspace project aims to combine the positive physiological effects of the green environment with mental health and prevention elements.

Restrictions under the pandemic have left elderly people confined to their homes, with even less outdoor exercise, and many of them suffering from anxiety and depression. With “Időspiknik” Hegyvidék builds community, provides opportunities for socialisation and do it in a healthy environment. Programmes covered safe housework, grief, and animal-assisted therapies - all of which were delivered by experts. There are two more sessions to go, one with dancing and singing for the elderly, while the final session will be more about prevention and blood pressure maintenance.

In addition to the Green Office, other institutions of the Municipality of the 12. district (ULG members), namely the Public Welfare Office, the Dementia Office and the Cultural Salon also participated in the development and implementation of the Picnic.

Written by Kocsis Judit