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Positive narratives on integration

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14 September 2020
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"Positive narratives on integration" is the title of the workshop that will be held in Zoom on October 12 from 9.30 to 11.00

Our NETWORK, in fact, was selected with more than 500 candidates to lead an initiative during the next European Week Of Regions and Cities.

The 90 minute workshop would explore innovative political strategies and case studies that we are implementing as part of the URBACT Transfer network Rumourless Cities and URBACT Transfer network lead by the municipality of Amadora based on the sharing of it’s URBACT best practice and city communications campaign ‘Do not feed the Rumour’.

Cities have been developing anti-rumour strategies based on integrated policy and action linking political leadership to the grassroots in order to develop and reinforce open communities, welcoming of diversity.

Through sharing these experiences we will facilitate a wider reflection and discussion amongst participants.

The main themes of the workshop will focus on:

Developing Inclusive city narratives and using an asset based approach to present a positive sense of place, including place identity, shared and alternative histories, shared values, city branding, changing external perceptions, shared history and values

- Political leadership and creating a culture of tolerance and openness- uniting leadership and communities.

- Mobilisation at the grassroots- building strong local networks, supporting young people as community leaders.

These themes will be explored through the presentation of case studies from a panel of speakers from Amadora, Cardiff, Messina and Hamburg-Altona.

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