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PREVENT : centre of interest in a seminar of Gijon city council

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05 February 2015

The Municipal Foundation of Social Services and The Municipal Foundation of Culture of Gijon City Council have organized the III Seminar about absenteeism: a citizen issue.

The main objective of this Seminar was the dissemination among professional and public in general of the project of absenteeism in Gijon and its evolution since its beginning 10 years ago.
Anita García Viejo the responsible of this Project gave information about the figures of absenteeism in the city. In 2012/2013 there were 20.076 registered pupils and only 0,37% of them presented a situation of absenteeism, most of them  ( 74,67%) of High School Education. The intervention with this population has been successful since the majority came back to school on a regular basis.

In this seminar, held on March 21 and 22, the current situation of the European project Prevent or“How to involve parents in the prevention of early school leaving” in which the city has been working with another 9 european cities, was presented as well.
Good practices against school absenteeism such as “Programa integral de convivencia y fusión de culturas” developed by C.P. Ramón Ménendez Pidal and “Transiciones de Primaria a Secundaria” developed by IES Mata Jove were shown.
All the professionals who are working on the issue agree on the importance of being family orientated. Two families with early school leaving children shared their experience with the attendants to the seminar as an example of the results of intervention and prevention programs.
Finally debate workshops were developed between the participants. They concluded that prevention and intervention programs for families should be implemented on a regular basis at school
The European project Prevent has to produce a Local Action Plan on the subject, with Strategic and Political recommendations and one of them should be to include this request.