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Prijavite se na URBACT delavnice na #EURegionsWeek!

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14 September 2021
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Letošnji, že 19. Evropski teden regij in mest bo ponovno potekal prek spleta, in sicer med 11. in 14. oktobrom 2021.

Svojo prakso in znanje, o tem, kako se lahko mesta soočijo z različnimi izzivi, bodo predstavili tudi govorci iz URBACT skupnosti. Poleg tega bo predstavnik programa URBACT predstavil novosti, ki jih za mesta prinaša nov program URBACT IV v obdobju med 2021 in 2027.

Rezervirajte se svoj sedež na teh dogodkih zdaj!


Digital for the People - it's more than just tech

13. oktober 2021, 11.30−13.00 (koda: 13WS21581) Delavnico bosta vodila sekretariat URBACT Secretariat in Mesto Valencia

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Vsebina delavnice: Curious about what digital transition means for cities and their citizens? Then join this interactive session to explore how cities can enable it for their development and COVID-19 recovery. Hear from cities what digital transition is all about and what it looks like in practice. Whether you are a cutting-edge smart city or just starting your digital journey, you can still learn what's needed to enhance or start digital transition at city level, and how this works in different contexts and policy areas.


Cooperation and research opportunities with ESPON, Interact, Interreg Europe and URBACT in 2021-2027

14. oktober, 9.30−11.00 (koda: 14WS21380) Delavnico soorganizirajo URBACT, Interact, Interreg Europe in ESPON

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Vsebina delavnice: As the new ESPON, Interact, Interreg Europe and URBACT programmes get ready to launch, this workshop will update you on how these programmes will get underway in the 2021-2027 period. The speakers will highlight their timeline to launch, their first priorities and actions – as well as where they want to be 2027, and how they will have helped the European recovery. Through your contributions and two Q&A sessions, participants will help shape the discussion.


Innovation for Just Urban Transitions

14. oktober 2021, 11.30−13.00 (koda: 14WS21406) Delavnico organizira pobuda Urban Innovative Actions

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Vsebina delavnice: In light of the pandemic recovery plan, the EU has emphasised both the need for a sustainable, green recovery and the importance of supporting the most vulnerable people, who will be most badly affected by the effects of climate change and transition policies. This commitment is captured in the slogan, "No-one left behind."

Taking account of climate risks, together with their social consequences, UIA projects demonstrate the importance of testing new solutions for a new socio-ecological pact. In this context, it is crucial to bring forward practical interventions and results that could inspire and foster locally-based transitions in EU cities. The session will therefore focus on practical experiences and will use online tools to gather participants' inputs and address the following question: how can the new EU budget help pave the way to a just and green recovery at city level?


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