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Putting the final touch on the Online Mutual Help Desk, an innovative instrument to improve communication among partners

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09 February 2015
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During the three days Meeting, held in Avilés on June 18th, 19th and 20th, the Municipality of Cesena, Lead partner in the Jobtown project, presented the online Mutual Help Desk: a platform that uses freely available Internet tools and social media in which all partners involved in the project will be able to continue learning from peers, provide and receive feedback from the other partners and participate and interact in discussions with them.

All the partners involved in the project participated in the design of this online portal and will co-manage it with the Lead Expert and External Expert.

During the workshops, individual participants will develop synergies and affinities with each other and this must be transformed into an opportunity for encouraging a continuous communication and interaction between them. For example each partner will be encouraged to interact with the partner of his/her choice on the online help-desk to design their Local Action Plans through asking questions of each other, sharing documents, thoughts, problems or ideas.