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RE-Block Policy Development Recommendation adopted by project partners at Final Conference

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27 March 2015
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The complexity of individual EU countries and their political systems does not lend itself easily to identifying common ways in which policy changes can be identified in order to facilitate the regeneration of high rise housing estates. However, the 10 RE-Block project partners are determined to maximise the potentials of the existing estates (in terms of quality of life and market position within the city) and stop the growing gap between residential areas where the poor and the well-off live. The project partners have considered what they want to achieve for their high rise estates, how these objectives link strategically and what changes are needed in order to facilitate achievement of their goals.

RE-Block partner signing policy development recommendation

The following document summarises a number of recommendations from the Partners which define those conditions which influence the future regeneration of housing estates. These recommendations are aimed at Policy Makers and should be taken into consideration to help inform the future development of European policy and guidance, concerning the regeneration of the built and social environment of degraded housing estates.

Policy recommendations in a nutshell: 

  • Not just about the buildings: A holistic and cross-sectoral approach to regeneration.
  • Governance: Together with the residents
  • Good quality housing underpins good health and well-being