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New REGIOSTARS 2019 awards include urban development theme

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08 July 2019

The European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy has launched its 2019 REGIOSTARS awards to celebrate EU-funded projects showing ‘excellence and new approaches in regional development’.

Online applications  are open until 9 May – and up to five URBACT networks created since 2007 are welcome to take part.

This year’s REGIOSTARS contest seeks out the EU’s most innovative regional projects in smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and urban development. The categories are:


  1. Smart growth - Promoting digital transformation
  2. Sustainable growth - Connecting green and blue areas with grey (built-up) spaces
  3. Inclusive growth - Combatting inequalities and poverty
  4. Urban development - Building climate-resilient cities
  5. Topic of the year 2019 - Modernising health services

Selected by an independent jury of academics, winning projects in the five themes will receive an award at a REGIOSTARS ceremony in Brussels in October 2019. An additional ‘Public choice’ award will be presented to the project that wins most votes on the REGIOSTARS website.

Urban themes

The climate-resilient cities category is designed to highlight EU projects in areas such as: implementing urban adaptation strategies; improved urban planning and management; reducing emissions, or the combination of mitigation and adaptation measures. Issues such as urban regeneration or poverty reduction would fit the ‘Inclusive growth’ or ‘Sustainable growth’ themes.

Agnes Monfret, Head of Communication Unit, DG Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission, said: "Over the last 11 editions of the REGIOSTARS, Interreg projects were not always winners, but they always had an over-proportionate representation amongst finalists – and they won the first public vote prize ever awarded. If you have exemplary transferrable project solutions developed under an URBACT project, do not hesitate to make them known more widely by applying to this year’s edition of REGIOSTARS. Let your URBACT project benefiting the urban population shine!"


The Guide for Applicants provides a detailed description of the 2019 award categories, eligibility and award criteria, and a practical handbook to guide projects through their application.

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