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Register now to URBACT City Festival 2018!

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17 May 2018

URBACT invites you to register to URBACT City Festival 2018.

On 13-14 September in Lisbon (PT) city practitioners, elected representatives, urban experts from all over Europe will work together, discuss the findings of 20 Action Planning Networks, and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the programme and the rising influence of cities as actors of change in Europe.

Throughout the 2-day event we will share stories of urban renewal rooted in URBACT exchange and testimonies to the increasing power of cities to drive change.

Cities are hotbeds of innovation, creating local solutions to the global challenges of sustainability, integration and resilience that can lead to the successful achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The rate of progress is accelerated when cities work together. In URBACT, in networks like the Covenant of Mayors, through EU Capital showcases, cities show that they are striving to be better, are open to learn from each other and are ready to influence national and international policy with concrete practices from the ground up.

City Festival participants will have the opportunity to learn directly from over 200 cities whose results have been designed and tested by the first wave of URBACT networks. On-site sessions at Páteo da Galé, the main event venue, will be mixed with off-site visits that will allow participants to better understand the host city Lisbon and explore different aspects of its recent development. Through workshops, walkshops, panels, a marketplace and informal networking festival goers will pick up the most important trends that signal change to inspire their own city. Ambassadors from international networks will be charged with seeking out and feeding back their own impressions of the ways that URBACT network results can be put to immediate use on the ground. And there will be an evening of co-creation with local artists and activists to bring the energy of Lisbon to the heart of the Festival.

Join us for thought-provoking debates, innovative showcases, immersive experiences, and the chance to reimagine your city of the future.

Like in all past editions, the Festival will be fully blended with the city that is hosting us – Lisbon! A unique and dynamic city, Lisbon provides urban practitioners with innovative, vibrant practices and many cases of participative interventions. Several speakers, artists and activists will showcase the different aspects of its recent renewal. The main venue of the Festival (Páteo da Galé) tells the story of the historic Lisbon, while the Walkshops - part urban safari, part interactive walking sessions - will give participants the opportunity to discover various parts of the city, off the beaten track.

Early birds can already secure their participation to the event by registering and book related flights and accommodation. Be aware that there is high demand on accommodation in Lisbon at those dates. So we advise to book early. Better safe and happy!

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