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Results of the final conference and of the project

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06 May 2010
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6-7 May 2010, Esztergom, Hungary

The cross-border agglomeration partners of the "EGTC" project aimed to exchange on methods and tools to improve their governance, including the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation. During two years (2008-2010), they exchanged on internal governance issues and the means to involve civil society, assessing their needs, identifying best practices and the concrete measures they would develop to improve their governance: the local action plan and the European Action Plans as well as the Handbook are the main outputs of the project.

On 6 May, the partners delivered the conclusions they have come to at the end, and discussed, on 7 May, the needs and opportunities to pursue the European sharing of experience. During this 2-day event, they presented their final outputs.

Location: Esztergom (Hungary)

AGENDA: PDF iconAgenda final conference_EN ; PDF iconProgramme conference finale_FR  ; PDF iconAgenda final conference_HU

Minutes: PDF iconMinutes_Final_Conf_Esztergom_May_2010_EGTC_URBACT_EN.pdf - PDF iconCR_Conf_fin_Esztergom_Mai_2010_EGTC_URBACT_FR.pdf

Press release: PDF iconPR_final_results.pdf - PDF icon

The booklet of the final results: PDF iconBOOKLET_FINAL_RESULTS_URBACT_EGTC_Project.pdf


  • 6 May 2010: Presentation of the final results of the "EGTC" URBACT

Moderation: Christian LAMOUR, Lead expert of the "EGTC" URBACT project

 PDF icon0.INTRODUCTION_6_May_2010.pdf, Jan ORAVEC, Mayor of Sturovo and Dr. Hans-Günther CLEV, Director General of Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (Lead partner)

Session 1: Presentation of the Local Action Plans to improve project partners' cross-border governance [1/2] :

PDF icon1.LAP_Ister-Granum.pdf (HU/SK), Istvan FERENCSIK, Executive director of the Ister-Granum Euroregion Development Agency

PDF icon2.LAP_Chaves-Verin.pdf (PT/ES), Margarida PIZZARO, Tehncian of the City of Chaves

PDF icon3.LAP_Eurodistrict_Strasbourg_Ortenau.pdf (F/DE), Jean-Baptiste SCHIBER, Responsible for the Eurodistrict and Cross-border networks at the Urban Community of Strasbourg

Session 2: Presentation of the Local Action Plans to improve project partners' cross-border governance [2/2] :

PDF icon4.LAP_Eurometropole_LKT_01.pdf (F/BE), Simon JODOGNE, Director of the Euro-métropole and European partnerships department, Lille Metropole

PDF icon5.LAP_Frankfurt_Slubice.pdf (DE/PL), Sören BOLLMANN, Project manager for the agglomeration Frankfurt(O)-Slubice

PDF icon6.LAP_Trinational_Eurodistrict_Basel_01.pdf (CH/F/DE), Véronique BITTNER, Technician at Regio Basilensis

A PDF icon7.European_Action_Plan.pdf to bring-up cross-border agglomerations' interests to the European level, Dr. Hans-Günther CLEV, Director General of MOT 

Conclusions, Christian LAMOUR, Lead expert of the "EGTC" URBACT project

PDF iconWhole_presentation_6_May_2010.pdf

  • 7 May 2010: Identification of future options and opportunities based on the "EGTC" URBACT

Moderation: Dr. Hans-Günther CLEV, Director General of MOT

PDF icon0.INTRODUCTION_7_May_2010.pdf, Jan ORAVEC, Mayor of Sturovo and Dr. Hans-Günther CLEV

Opening of the initiative to other cross-border territories :

PDF icon1.Valga-Valka_7_May_2010.pdf, Ernests LIBIETIS, Head of Development and Project department, City of Valka

PDF icon2.AEBR_Final_7_May_2010.pdf, Martin GUILLERMO RAMIREZ, Secretary General of AEBR

Statements of European institutions :

European Commission, DG REGIO, José Antonio RUIZ de CASAS : Cross-border governance and European territorial cohesion

PDF icon4.Committee_of_the_Regions_7_May_2010.pdf, Alfonso ALCOLEA MARTINEZ : Link with the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation

PDF icon5.Council_of__Europe_7_May_2010.pdf, Auke VAN DER GOOT, Vice-President of the European Committee on Local and Regional democracy : Link with the Euroregional Cooperation Grouping (instrument of cooperation promoted by the Council of Europe)

PDF icon6.Hungary_government_7_May_2010.pdf, Dr. Jeno HAMORY, Head of Economic Relations department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Final roundtable with the EU representatives : European Commission, Committee of the Regions, Council of Europe

Synthesis of the morning session: needs and opportunities for exchanges, Dr. Hans-Günther CLEV

Conclusions, Janos KNAPP, Vice-Mayor of Estzergom

PDF iconPowerpoint_complete_7_May_2010.pdf


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