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ROMA-NeT Project - Inclusive housing policies and area based regeneration programs

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09 October 2017

ROMA-NeT is an URBACT project led by Budapest which intends to improve the integration of Roma populations. The 10 city partners have three priority activities: access to key services, active inclusion in the labour market though education and training, and the development of self help initiatives. Following the second thematic learning cluster event of the project which took place in Almeria last spring, Eszter Somogyi, URBACT Thematic Expert for ROMA-Net, wrote an article entitled 'Inclusive housing policies and area based regeneration programs'.

Cities participating in ROMA-NeT share the common feature that each has at least one socially and physically deprived neighbourhood with a high rate of Roma population. They also share the goal to establish measures for the integration of marginalised Roma communities into the local society.

The second thematic learning cluster of ROMA-NeT discussed the problem of segregated neighbourhoods and possible interventions focusing on area-based programs with inclusive housing policy measures and integrated social services.

PDF iconRoma-Net_newsletter_N2_13Sept.pdf highlights the main points discussed during the meeting.
She explains that 'segregated deprived neighbourhoods differ significantly according to their location, size and the level of concentration of physical and social deprivation as the examples of ROMA-NeT cities show'. And she details the approaches that can be applied to tackle the problem of segregation of deprived Roma neighbourhoods.

Read this interesting article published in the latest issue of the PDF iconRoma-Net_newsletter_N2_13Sept.pdf.

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