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ROOF Bootcamp in Braga (PT)

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10 February 2022
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The Municipality of Braga held on 7 and 8 February, the Bootcamp Roof - Integrated Action Plan Design Experience, at the Hotel Axis Ponte de Lima. This meeting led by the Urbact Local Group (ULG) of the European Network #urbactroof - Ending Homeleness, allowed the co-construction of the Integrated Action Plan for the House of Skills Project, an innovative transitional housing solution for homeless people, through a program to improve personal, social and professional skills, in collaboration with the various social organizations in the city of Braga, which operate in this field.

In this approach, the Municipality in collaboration with the Planning and Intervention Group for the Homelessness (NPISA), which integrates public and private organizations of the Social Network of Braga, and with the Urbact Local Group - ULG, defined the main lines of action for the creation of this strategic project for social cohesion and innovation in Braga.

The words change and commitment were the guiding and fundamental basis for the deconstruction and deep reflection on how to co-construct, collaboratively redesign the House of Skills Project. A project for all, integrated, functional, transversal, that intends to aggregate the experience, the objective knowledge, the transfer of good practices of all the social agents who act in the front line in the resolution of problems of homeless people.

Innovation, creativity and a critical and transparent approach were always present in all work dynamics, contributing relevant ideas and proposals for the effective improvement of this innovative solution for the empowerment and social and professional integration of people in vulnerable situations”.