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"Spheres Of Influence"

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22 June 2020
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Mantova's reflection of delivering carbon literacy training in their own city. 

The Mantova carbon literacy training gave some basic information on the science of climate change, using interactive activities and videos with experts speaking. The second part of the session focussed on the role of arts and culture and what can be achieved within cultural organisations and through their "spheres of influences

The carbon literacy training took place in Mantova on the 6th of February, hosted by Alkémica at their new headquarters “OPEN”
It was delivered by Arianna Tonelli, sustainability manager for Festivaletteratura, who took part in the carbon literacy training in Manchester, and Emanuele Salmin, project manager for the municipality.
All participants were asked to watch the movie “Before the Flood” before taking the training.
The presenters also explained the different sources of CO2 emissions and how to measure the carbon footprint of individuals through a simple online tool sharing a couple of examples.  

The session was well attended with around 30 participants,  25 attendees from ULG member organisations and 5 people were mnuicipality offcers from different sectors (mainly cultural ) and a couple of stakeholders with an interest in carbon literacy training.

Feedback from the majority of participants was that the session was useful but there was some resistance to the “tips” which suggest a change in lifestyle to limit individual carbon footprints.
The documentary highlighted how the goal of a more sustainable society is shared by everyone, that taking action individually and changing habits is still difficult for some, even after being informed on the risks deriving from climate change.

The format proved to be successful and will be adapted for other audiences such as schools and other departments of the municipality as next steps.
The goal is to reach other sectors, such as shops, bars and restaurants and industry. 
The ULG will continue to proactively engage in training around organising sustainable events, green public procurement as well as effective communication on climate change. make-short-film-on-solutions-to-the-climate-crisis-video