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The SUMP for Cassis, la Ciotat and Ceyreste, what’s up, what’s next.

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24 April 2018
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What’s Up and What’s Next – these two simple questions describe best the multi-process developments the Metropole Aix Marseille Provence is carrying out currently. Or: how to connect the finalisation of local SUMPs from the existing regional SUMP with the upcoming challenge to create a new SUMP for the largely extended territory of the Metropole!

Workgroup Metropole Aix Marseille Provence

Our local SUMP is nearly achieved. To remember, it is a local implantation of a larger SUMP realized on the territory of the former Transport Authority (Marseille Provence). In fact, one thing needs to be completed or modified: the design of the public transport network in La Ciotat.

Indeed, the actual network has been built more than 40 years ago, when the main activity of the city was the shipyard witch collapse in the late 80’s. Since, the network has remained nearly the same, with just some minor changes. One of the aims of the SUMP was to create a more efficient network able to fit with the changes and renewal of the city. Starting from a white sheet, we have mostly drawn an ideal network (see current work version below).

Unfortunately, this network comes with an operating cost which is, for the moment, not affordable by the Metropole. So, the last step will be to adjust this proposal according to the financial pressure: length of the lines, frequency, transport offer on Sundays. Then the SUMP will be over, but only the SUMP for this area!


What’s next? A SUMP for the Metropole Aix Marseille Provence!!!

Created 2 years ago, the Metropole gather 92 cities on a 3 148 km2 territory with agricultural, urban or industrial spaces. Some cities, like Marseille have 861.635 inhabitants, some like Saint Antonin only 129. Learning from the CityMobilNet network and it’s toolbox, we have stared not less than 10 workshops to build a first draft. They are dealing with urban centers, education, social cohesion, logistics, leisure…

The SUMP is due to be done for December 2019 with a consultation phase between September and December 2018! And even if this SUMP is not starting from scratch because a lot of documents are already existing (e.g. the SUMP we are dealing above) it’s real challenge that all the knowledge gained with Citymobilnet will be extremely precious.