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Temporary Use Value Creation Plan

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22 March 2018
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The Temporary Use Value Creation Plan is a tool, which helps cast a range of future possible developments in a temporary use project.

Temporary Use Value Creation Plan Template

The Value Creation Plan sets a framework in which an agreement between a temporary user candidate and a vacant space owner could be made. Just like one might fill out a business model canvas, this tool is basically a simple canvas, which allows both parties to explore a temporary use project. It covers a limited number of compulsory questions that shouldn’t be ignored and related boxes to draft answers. Of course, these questions should be discussed more in-depth, as the Temporary Use Value Creation Plan focuses on the core indispensables to ensure a project is viable. This allows all the stakeholders to be able to discuss it.

The output of the plan is a one-page summary picturing key elements to a temporary use project, strengths and possible weaknesses to keep an eye on.

Download the tool and template