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Thematic workshop on #Social Cohesion - accessibility and inclusiveness at historic quarters

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23 September 2021
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The last event in the KAIRÓS thematic workshop series will be dedicated to exploring how built heritage valorisation can offer great opportunities to foster civic engagement and social cohesion.

This 4th KAIRÓS Thematic Workshop will look at engagement and access to culture and heritage as primary aims of a cohesive society. This is because they have to do with rebuilding equitable places capable of providing a good quality of life for all, opportunities for civic engagement and sense of belonging. We will consider the past and and present, analysing how  the preservation and valorisation of the built heritage are in direct relationship with the production of new urban spaces which must also be aimed at improving community cohesion and wellbeing.

Heritage is the foundation to the cultural, social and economic exchanges that contributed to building the socio-spatial environment of today. It can be a source of inspiration for creativity and innovation, and a resource for people and communities to find common ground and rebuild their future especially in post pandemic times.

The workshop will feature talks and presentations from different European cities including Porto, Bolzano, Riga, Palermo, Cesena and Bologna and discuss how heritage sites need to act as meaningful meeting places and as platforms for learning and exchange, as well as facilitators of knowledge and creativity contributing to, among other things, social capital. Access and active engagement of communities in cultural heritage are the core principles enshrined in many new policies for integrated local development. In addition, well-managed and principled participatory processes of heritage reactivation can lay the foundations for building a stronger sense of the civic in the local citizens.

The event was designed and will be facilitated by URBACT ad-hoc expert Lia Ghilardi in collaboration with our lead expert Miguel Rivas and our partner city of Ukmerge in Lithuania.

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