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BluAct II

BGI is the first-established at EU level (2014) innovation competition for maritime / Blue Economy.The competition contributes to the development of entrepreneurship and supports the creation of start-ups and jobs. Since 2020, it has been renamed to BGPiraeus and comprises innovative proposals...

TechRev 2.0

Medium-sized post-industrial cities in Europe seek ways to grow & diversify their economies to compete with the pull of larger hubs. This is even more important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Barnsley has been committed to growing higher value jobs, particularly within its tech and...

Creation of a new NGO platform

Idrija / Slovenia
The new ‘Towns’ Living Room’, established by the municipality in a vacant building, involves the heads of the city administration, active citizens, social services, development agency, public library and nursing home, local clubs and various associations