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The NEXT AGRI UIA - URBACT Transfer Mechanism pilot network builds from the experience of Milan. The city decided to set up an urban coalition with a series of partners to scale up this positioning in the peri-urban agricultural industry, setting up a stable growth and creating new jobs and skills...


AS TRANSFER seeks to share the experience of Bilbao in the AS FABRIK project (funded by Urban innovative Actions) with three other European cities: Timisoara (Romania), Tartu (Estonia) and Bielsko-Biala (Poland). Bilbao's goal with AS FABRIK was to increase the competitiveness of Knowledge...

Find your Greatness

Find your Greatness is a concept that reflects the most challenges addressed by AIM together with other EU local communities. Why Find your Greatness? Because the challenge is to build on the cities' potential. In the case of the partners of the project the need identified locally and which...

Digi Place

Digi Place is an Action Planning Network that aims to set up an acceleration mechanism to enable cities to catch up the digitalisation opportunities in hard & soft infrastructure. Remove all the obstacles encountered by mid-sized cities in their digital journey: lack of strategic & global...