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Busy Sidewalks


Busy Sidewalks (not only for Pedestrians?)

From strolling and hangout to transportation and street vending, sidewalks have had many roles in since the late 19th century. While they have been...


Rebuilding Málaga on Community Power

"Each city is like a different world," says Fernando Barreiro, Lead Expert of the USER network, "but there are many things they can learn from each...

Zero Carbon Cities

The Zero Carbon Cities Action Planning Network will support partner cities to establish science-based carbon reduction targets, policies and action plans, including governance and capacity building to enable them to contribute to the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement and the EU’s...

Urb-En Pact

The 8 partner cities and organisations involved in the Urban Energy Pact project embrace the ambitious goal of becoming net zero energy (NZE) territories no later than 2050. Urb-En Pact aims to define local action plans for the implementation of a local and sustainable energy balance by producing...