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Transfer Networks kicking off their work

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24 June 2019
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On 16-17 April, in Paris, the 25 recently approved Transfer Networks will start their journey with URBACT.

The two interactive days of meeting are dedicated to the Networks' Lead Partners (URBACT Good Practices) and experts. The objectives of this first gathering are for the new 25 Transfer Networks to:

  • get to know each other,
  • develop a shared understanding of the programme’s objectives, networking framework, expected results and resources available,
  • be equiped with what they need to properly manage and develop their project in the following months.

The meeting will be dealing with what the 6-month working phase encompasses as activities. URBACT Secretariat's team members and experts will provide the new networks with tools to help them enlarge their partnership, hold transnational meetings, draft their transferability study, run URBACT local groups and start their communication activities.

Experienced cities within URBACT will share their advice with newcomers on topics such as how to lead a network or manage expertise. 

Find out more about the 25 approved Transfer Networks here.
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