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URBACT II Capitalisation publications in E-Book format!

19 November 2015

The URBACT II Capitalisation publications published this year are now available in e-book format which also include videos, city case studies and state of the art.

URBACT Capitalisation

The URBACT II Capitalisation publications: Social innovation in cities, Sustainable regeneration in urban areas, Job generation for a jobless generation, and New urban economies are now all available in e-book format, which aside from featuring the main publication is loaded with extra features such as: city case studies, videos showcasing the topics through cities work and state of the art. The user-friendly interface allows users to experience all the content and examples in the most interactive way.

Under each publication topic, two city case studies are featured which were compiled through a collection of data, study visits and interviews with local stakeholders. They showcase some of the concrete actions implemented in the city. The videos also featured on our URBACT YouTube Channel try to capture the essentials of the topics through images and best practices of the cities involved. The state of the art includes an in-depth look at the literature and policies available at EU level.

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