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URBACT III InfoDay Poland took place in February in Warsaw

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20 June 2019

Warsaw as CITYLOGO URBACT II partner participated on February 5th in one-day seminar for polish URBACT II partner cities and on February 6th in URBACT III InfoDay. The meetings took place in our city in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development.


WARSAW Infoday
The InfoDay focused on presenting third edition of URBACT and possibilities which it gives to the cities for next 7 years. About a hundred of guests including mayors and city clerks from across Poland listened to many speeches, which included the speech of Polish member of the European Parliament – the president of the Intergroup URBAN Jan Olbrycht, and an interesting presentation of Emmanuel Moulin, the director of the URBACT Secretariat. The most important information in his presentation was that:
  • there will be 3 types of networks in URBACT III: Action Planning Networks, Implementation Networks and Transfer Networks,
  • provisional calendar shows that the 1st call for Action Planning will be in March 2015 and submission of proposals will be in June 2015,
  • projects will start in April 2016 and will last until April 2018.
The rest of the meeting concentrated on exchanging experience in panel discussion between URBACT II partner cities and potential partners of URBACT III. CITYLOGO Warsaw local project coordinator has presented the opinion that URBACT for CITYLOGO in Warsaw was all about the collaboration.