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URBACT Markets finalizes in Barcelona with new know-how, a shared network and a belief in markets

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14 February 2017
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Partners from the URBACT Markets project gathered in Barcelona last March 25th for the closing conference after over two years of intense work. Partners took the opportunity to share stories and experiences from working together, whilst looking forward to working on the implementation of their LAPs. 

Group photograph of URBACT Markets partners and guests are the final conference in Barcelona

The event in Barcelona saw partners sharing their ideas and reflections of their work during the URBACT Markets project.

One of the key takeaways was how it had helped partners gain a better insight into all the urban, social, economic and sustainability issues that can be worked on in cities when markets are managed in a certain way.

And while different partners were strong in certain areas, thanks to the study visits and information sharing, all now have a better overview of what markets can be used for. Another key output for partners was the Local Action Plan.

These strategic documents not only provide blueprints for action, they also brought together key stakeholders in a process of participatory planning and this was something that partners found very useful for future planning processes.

Partners also looked forward to the future, post URBACT.

Although the project has come to an end, partners pledged to keep up their network contacts, sharing information and perhaps working on new related projects in the knowledge that markets can be used to create better cities, quality of life and healthier lives for residents.