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URBACT National Training Scheme for ULSG

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10 February 2015
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All USEAct ULSG members are invited to participate to the National Training Scheme for ULSG meetings in local languages!

The National Training Scheme aims to provide core ULSG members, and more especially ULSG coordinators, with tools and methods related to participative action-planning and integrated urban policies. Through this training scheme, it is expected that URBACT partners are better equipped to: 1) co-produce their Local Action Plan with the active participation of key stakeholders, 2) strengthen their own professional capacities to develop such processes once their URBACT network is over.

A series of 2-day seminars will be organised by URBACT in May and June 2013, in a number of countries, in national languages, in close cooperation with the ministries in charge of the URBACT programme at national level and the National Dissemination Points.

URBACT partner cities shall send 3-5 ULSG members to take part to these seminars, among which the person responsible for coordinating the ULSG. The other persons should be core members of the ULSG, and as much as possible representing not only the partner institution but also other types of key stakeholders involved (representatives of NGOs, private sector, residents, etc.).

You  will all receive tailored information regarding these National Training Seminars at national level, but in the meantime,  please check the dedicated webpage on the URBACT website

Information on dates and venues of seminars in all countries are being posted as they are agreed by national authorities.

So far, the following countries and dates are confirmed: 

· Hungary: 09-10 May in Budapest

· Poland: 16-17 May in Warsaw

· Romania: 21-22 May in Bucarest

· Italy: 23-24 May in Rome

· England and Ireland: 06-07 June in London

· France: 06-07 June in Paris


For the other countries please check updated news on the web page related.