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URBACT is setting up a team of 5 Senior Experts

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09 October 2015
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The URBACT programme is launching a call for applicants for the selection of 5 Programme Experts who will work in close cooperation with the URBACT Secretariat as a team of complementary senior professionals. 


The 5 experts will provide support with the following:

  • Transnational Networking: supporting URBACT networks with thematic expertise and methods for exchange and learning activities, reviewing network outputs to enhance capitalisation and dissemination of URBACT results at programme level.
  • Capitalisation and dissemination: contributing to the design and delivery of the capitalisation strategy, building on knowledge and results coming from URBACT networks and beyond URBACT to produce consolidated practical knowledge on sustainable urban development and disseminate URBACT results.
  • Capacity building: supporting the design and delivery of capacity-building activities.

We are looking for senior experts with a strong professional experience in sustainable urban development policies and with strong background knowledge and experience on transnational exchange and learning projects.

Call for applicants is available here

Application form is available here


Application shall be submitted by 17 November 2015 latest.

Contact person: Melody Houk, Projects Manager: