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Ventspils works in the field of digital transformation

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22 October 2021
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Ventspils works in the field of digital transformation


We live in a complex, fast-changing world where social, economic and political norms are constantly being redefined. Boosting economic growth and employment, demographic change, scientific and technological advances, tackling climate change are just some of the challenges we face. Digital transformation – the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society – is also part of this vision.

Ventspils Digital Centre is working hard to pioneer in testing and implementing innovative, sustainable and integrated solutions to become greener, more efficient, and better place to live and work. Combining the power of data technology and the power of people, creates numerous opportunities, but also poses new challenges as citizens and public authorities needs increasingly higher level of digital skills and knowledge, so they can harness the power of new technologies and feel comfortable using these technologies in every aspect of their lives.

During 2021, more than 3,000 people have acquired knowledge both at the professional level and for everyday use in various educational events organized by Ventspils Digital centre. The most popular topics where: spreadsheets, digital photo and video processing, computer graphics, 2D and 3D modelling, programming, internet security, use of e-signature and e-services, Minecraft and other computer games for parents and families.

A new Digital Transformation Centre is being established with an overarching goal to promote inclusive learning from basic to higher education. Digital Transformation Centre will mobilize available resources in every sector to strengthen digital capacities of citizens, particularly in the underserved communities and age groups, to enhance quality in learning by extended use of modern learning technologies and to revitalized learning in families, communities and in workplaces.

Specific objectives of the Digital Transformation Centre include:

Putting advanced technologies at the service of the citizens to improve quality of life,

Help businesses transform production and services to boost productivity and create growth,

Creating and attracting talents and entrepreneurs,

Driving investments in critical infrastructures, technologies and open data.

A new Digital Transformation Centre, accessible to all visitors to Ventspils, will open in spring 2022.

Thanks to the financial support of the URBACT III programe Ventspils is part of the “DigiPlace” project and works also on the development of Ventspils digital transformation strategy and action plan for the period 2021 to 2027, which will be focused on pursuing the main goal of creating Ventspils as a European-level city whose long-term development is driven by the broad use of smart technologies.

The strategy will foresee:

widespread use of smart technologies in public administration and municipal capital companies;

increasing the use of smart technologies in companies operating in Ventspils and attracting companies using such technologies to the city,

increasing the industries associated with the manufacture and development of smart technologies in Ventspils and attracting businesses in this field to the city,

the availability of a high-quality and industry compliant workforce in the field of smart technologies;

the availability of high-quality and smart ICT infrastructure in the city,

development of public administration within development of e-services and mobile-services,

Achieving the status of Ventspils as a significant European level ICT center.

Within the “DigiPlace” project Ventspils has already developed a solution which provides telepresence or remote access to city officials. With the help of this solution any citizen can just by clicking on a link, without installing anything on their computer or mobile phone, participate in a video conference call with the city officials. Ventspils will try to implement this as a pilot project, because of COVID restrictions and also for convenience to get easier access to city officials.