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A virtual feast! Closing loops in local food systems

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07 April 2021
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The Resourceful Cities network held its third City to City session online on Thursday 18th February with a focus on supporting local food loops. The session was led by ad hoc expert Antonio Zafra (Lead Expert for the Food Corridors Action Planning Network) and partners were treated to a virtual feast for the senses during an introductory session with food artist Alicia Ríos. The session also included a series of inspirational presentations from Joy Carey of the Bristol Food Policy Council, Sara Jevfors from Södertälje Municipality, Christian Jonet who spoke about the Ceinture Aliment-Terre Liégeoise experience and Brina Lazar who introduced us to the UIA funded Urban Soil 4 Food project. A selection of Resourceful Cities partners also shared some of their own experiences with local food related circular initiatives. In the following article, Antonio Zafra highlights some of the key learnings from the session. He also shares some suggestions for cities who want to move forward and progress their transition towards a more circular and sustainable food system.


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