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That was the URBACT Summer University 2016!

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07 September 2016
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#USU2016 was the third edition of our flagship event, but in many ways it was a first. 430 participants from 28 countries from all over Europe came together for 3 days to test new learning tools, experience innovative practices from Rotterdam and build better urban policies. 

participants learning kit USU2016

To continue the exchange and the flowing of ideas that took place during the three days, you will be able to find below the material developed for and during USU 2016.
This page will continue to be updated with new materials when we receive them. 
URBACT Guide – Applying the results framework to Integrated Action Plans 
Participants Learning Kit

POLICY LABS Presentations 

Credits photo: Mirjam Lems 

LAB A - Collaborative entrepreneurship (Willem)
LAB B - Collaborative entrepreneurship (Béla)
LAB C – Jobs and Skills (Alison)
LAB D – Liveable neighbourhoods (Nils)
LAB E -  Liveable neighbourhoods (Laura)
LAB F – Sustainability Transitions (Niki)
LAB G – Community (Germana)

ULGs Presentations LAB 5

TALKS from Rotterdam

Marieke Hillen & > Derk Loornbach

Derk Loornbach - USU2016 Marieke Hillen USU2016
Credits photo: Mirjam Lems 


Day 1
Day 2
Day 2: Dreaming of Future Cities !

Credits photo: Mirjam Lems


The Drawings from the ULG@work presentations
> …and the photos !

Credits photo: Mirjam Lems


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