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Watch URBACT Method Video!

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09 October 2017
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URBACT has produced a video promoting the URBACT method for the INFODAYS dedicated to the URBACT 3rd Call for proposals. Watch this short, lively video to learn more about the URBACT programme.

Since 2007, more than 300 cities of all sizes from all over Europe have been exchanging and working in the framework of URBACT, mobilising a working community of 5,000 people. In order to produce a real impact with this transnational exchange and to achieve concrete results in each of the partner cities, URBACT established a strong methodology, now branded as the URBACT method. The URBACT method relies on mutual assistance between cities (transnational exchange), action-orientated (each city commits to elaborate and adopt a Local Action Plan) participative approach (each city co-produces its Local Action Plan with a Local Support Group bringing together all concerned stakeholders), and a strong methodological support (guidance from the URBACT Secretariat and from thematic experts).

In the movie shoot during several URBACT meetings all over Europe, you can hear the URBACT partners and experts, as the Lead Partner of the ESIMEC project or the representative of Bistrita-Nasaud (Romania) Chamber of Commerce, member of RegGov Local Support Group, reflect and explain the URBACT method.

The URBACT Method par urbact

This video translated in 17 languages is available on the URBACT Video Channel.

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