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Welcome to RetaiLand!

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25 July 2018
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RetaiLand is a platform were you can find the most relevant contents our network has produced: case studies, outputs, good practices, integrated action plans... We invite you to surf around a virtual city, and discover all the elements that are connected to create a succesful retail strategy, organised in a funny and innovative way. Do you fancy a tour? 

During the last 3 years, 10 cities from all around Europe have cooperated to learn from each other and from relevant experts in different fields. The sessions we have carried were related to the main issue that RetaiLink wishes to tackle: How can medium sized cities revitalise their retail sector? All the information we have produced out of this process can be found in RetaiLand, a virtual city that we invite you to discover.

How does it work?

1) Go to

2) Be patient :)

Due to the large amount of contents it hosts, the platform may take some minutes to charge, specially the first time you open it. The following times it will be quicker!


3) Wonder around.

Once you get in, take some minutes to discover the city and its details!

You can navigate around the city holding the left button of your mouse to move around. If you click on the right button, you can rotate and gain new perspectives of the buildings and spaces. Use the scroll button of your mouse up and down to zoom in and out.


4) Choose the topic you are more interested in.

You can wonder freely around the city, or visit specific areas where you can find certain kinds of contents.

To do so, use the bar with icons placed at the left side of the platform. You can choose between: Overview (dark blue), Consumer (red), Retail Offer (light blue), Use of Space (yellow), Regulation & Mobility (green), Branding (purple) or Integrated Action Plans (grey).

Once you click, you will be taken to the area where you will find items related with this block of content.  


5) Find the items that contain information.

Once you are in the area of your interest, surf around with your mouse, and you will notice how the items that contain information will be highlighted. There will appear titles to indicate the kind of content that you can find. The item itself can give you hints about its content, for example, a Bus Station provides information on "Mobility effects on retail".    


6) Download the documents that you find interesting.

Once you click on an item, a pop-up window will appear with the documents and videos available. Select the content, click on the accept icon, and -depending on the item- either you will be redirected to the content on line, or a download will start. 


7) The information is yours!

Once you completed this process, you will get chuncks of your selected information. Come back to the city to continue your tour!


What kind of contents can I find in RetaiLand?

The items of the city host files and videos that summarize the main topics that our network has developped: case studies, integrated action plans, thematic outputs, and best practices from our cities like market festivals, sports events, pop-up stores in empty spaces, or shopping festivals.


EXTRA BONUS: Emblematic Buildings!

The Integrated Action Plans are spread around the city, hosted in the items that reproduce an emblematic building from each of the RetaiLink cities.

Take a tour to discover Sibenik (HR)'s St Jacob's Cathedral, which appeared in Game of Thrones, or Romans (FR)'s unique Musée International de la Chaussure, where visitors can learn anything about the fabrication of shoes throughout the centuries. Basingstoke (UK) is represented by Willis Museum, an early Victorian building that was once the city's Town Hall, and Igualada (ES) by the Central Library in Cal Font Square, dedicated to the city's textile industrial heritage.

Don't miss the historic townhall of Liberec (CZ), a really impressive building, like Fermo (IT)'s Palazzo dei Priori, the oldest palace in the citadelle, which is nowadays a museum. You can also see Hoogeveen (NL)'s characteristic cityhall, or Hengelo (NL)'s Telgenflat, a typical and recognizable icon from the reconstruction period. Last but not least, RetaiLand counts on Pécs'(HU) famous Pasha Qasim Mosque, one of the symbols of the city, and the only mosque remaining from the otoman heritage that can be found in Hungary.  


See you soon in RetaiLand! :)