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What's up in Suceava? - Dendrological park Sipote in remake

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17 November 2020
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Some good news for 2020: dendrological park Sipote becomes municipal property in Suceava.

The Dendrological Park Şipote-Cetate is the most significant green area of ​​the city benefiting from significant terrain variations, large natural grassed areas, wooded areas with tree varieties. It is situated in the south-eastern part of Suceava, in the immediate vicinity of Suceava Fortress.

Although the Park is located on the administrative territory of Suceava municipality, it was not in the property of the Municipality until September 2020.

Through the Government Decision from September 2020, the Dendrological Park Şipote-Cetate  was transferred from the property of Suceava Forest Directorate to the Municipality of Suceava.

This is an important victory for the Municipality, since the park is in a poor condition, the quality of the urban furniture (almost non-existent) is very low, some of these objects having accessibility and utility problems, and now there is legal basis for investments and rehabilitation process of the most important green area of the city.

The intention of the Municipality is to render the park’s functionality to the citizens. Therefore, a project is now being prepared and a public debate will also be organized.

The project envisages the rehabilitation of the Şipote Park, respectively the rehabilitation of the pedestrian infrastructure, the creation of tourist markings, tourist information panels, the creation / modernization of the urban lighting system, the arrangement of leisure areas.

Written by Gabriela Lazar from our project partner Suceava