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Zadar's Nature Based Solutions Plans

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18 January 2021
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Zadar is already experiencing the impact of climate change. In response, Zadar has been looking to implement changes, with a particlar interest in nature based solutions.

The GROW GREEN project, which is currently under way, will provide the platform for a step-wise change in the way that nature-based solutions are embedded in the long-term planning, development, operation and management of cities around the world.

“IUCN has a growing interest in working together with cities, as they have an essential role in protecting and restoring ecosystems and to incorporate biodiversity considerations into their urban planning. Another strategic priority is the development of evidence to promote the multiple benefits of nature-based solutions for society and the up-scaling of their use, in particular to realise the potential of ecosystems to provide substantial climate change adaptation and mitigation opportunities,” said Chantal van Ham, EU Programme Manager Nature Based Solutions.

The three European ’Frontrunner Cities’ of the project are Manchester, Valencia and Wrocław. These cities are twinned with Wuhan in China, which acts as an incubator of the first regional hub of a global network of nature-based solutions practitioners. Each city is paired with a ‘Follower City’, Brest, Modena and Zadar, which learn from the implementation strategies and business models adopted by the Frontrunners.

GROW GREEN's focus is to implement, through innovation, its mission- "Green Cities for Climate and Water Resilience, Sustainable Economic Growth, Healthy Citizens and Environments." This demonstration project aims to achieve climate and water resilience in cities. Funded by Horizon 2020, the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, it is intended to showcase benefits from nature-based solutions in urban landscapes.

Within the project City of Zadar developed their Natural Based Solutions Strategy and Green Cadastre. Natural Based Solutions Strategy is a document that contains existing regulations, climate projections, impact of climate change on different sectors and measures that could be taken. Green Cadastre is the application that shows data on each tree, bush or lawn in the one part of the town. This products are the base for the further activities which will make resilient and more green Zadar in the future.