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The quarterly report from the Archethics network delves into the concept of Dissonant Heritage, particularly within the cities comprising the network. It underscores the efforts and collaborations aimed at valorizing Dissonant Heritage as a laboratory for fostering common European values and sustainable urban regeneration.

Dissonant Heritage timeline

ARCHETHICS brings together nine European cities, each harboring diverse types of Dissonant Heritage. This heritage can vary from submerged to controversial, situated in various urban or rural contexts, and stemming from different historical eras. Examples include:

Archethics scope

ARCHETHICS aims to develop sustainable urban policies around Dissonant Heritage by:

  1. Using it as a starting point for shaping new democratic identities.
  2.  Improving understanding of sustainable management of Dissonant Heritage.
  3. Establishing urban community labs based on European values.
  4. Enhancing Dissonant Heritage's role as an investment attraction and driver for local tourism and cultural development.
The contribution of ARCHETHICS to Dissonant Heritage at EU Level


Buzludzha Kazanlak


ARCHETHICS is actively engaged in the implementation of the Culture and Cultural Heritage Partnership's Action 10 on Culture and Cultural Heritage in the Urban Agenda for EU. It focuses on Dissonant Heritage, aiming to enhance this aspect at the city level. Through collaboration with Action 10 working group, ARCHETHICS shares research, methodologies, and achievements. 
In January 2024, ARCHETHICS presented its Network Roadmap and ongoing projects at a meeting with the Action 10 Partnership. 
In June 2024, it will participate in a workshop in Berlin, sharing its methodology and initial results. Future collaborations are planned for 2025, including a core network meeting with the Action 10 working group. ARCHETHICS aims to transition from research to concrete action by providing Integrated Action Plans for each city partner, along with testing activities to explore management and approaches for Dissonant Heritage.

The Network seeks to address specific challenges, including making Dissonant Heritage accessible to all citizens, designing effective urban policies for sustainable management and adaptive reuse, and attracting investors and funding for redevelopment.

First Core Network Meeting

First Core Network Meeting in Cesena On November 30th and December 1st, 2023, partner cities of ARCHETHICS convened in Cesena. Delegations collaborated to share the Baseline Study and Network Roadmap, provide good practices and inspirations, visit Dissonant Heritage sites in Cesena, explore each city's Dissonant Heritage, and exchange insights on shared challenges and transversal themes. The meeting was graphically recorded to facilitate instant storytelling.

Network Methodology 

Network Methodology ARCHETHICS aims to contribute at the European level regarding Dissonant Heritage by implementing the multi-perspective approach of the co-city model for complex and uncomfortable heritages. The project dimensions (Architecture, People, History, and Ethics) and cross-cutting themes (gender-equal policymaking, green transition, and digital transformation) have informed the Partnership's co-designed methodology, aimed at activating urban community labs to transform Dissonant Heritage into spaces for locals and visitors to share knowledge and cultivate multi-perspective understandings of the past and new visions for the future.

Archethics quarterly report

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