EU City Labs

Promo of the EU City Lab on Sustainable Food Systems #2

The EU City Labs are knowledge-sharing events co-organised by URBACT and the European Urban Initiative (EUI). Each lab is a unique opportunity to learn more about URBACT and EUI cities’ good practices in the field of local food policies and energy transition, as well as the ways they were adapted and transferred by other cities.


Participants of the EU City Labs will discover how to put in place local projects for food sustainability and energy transition in various national contexts. The events will also provide opportunities to discover host cities and exchange with the citizens on their engagement actions and learning communities.





EU City Labs on Local Food Systems Food Knowledge Hub label


Each EU City Lab on Local Food Systems will be an occasion for participants coming from all over Europe to get more familiar with a holistic and systemic approach to local food systems, as well as deep dive into good practices and know-how of the hosting cities with discussions and site visits.


The series of events includes:

  • EU City Lab on Changing Habits for a Healthy and Sustainable Food System 
    21-22 March 2024, Mouans-Sartoux (FR) 

    The programme of this EU City Lab aimed to explore how habits’ transformation can lead to a healthier and more sustainable urban food system. This event was hosted by the city of Mouans-Sartoux, member of the Food Partnership of the Urban Agenda for the EU, and formerly Lead Partner of the two URBACT “Biocanteens” networks, aimed at transferring the city’s good practice of municipal canteens serving almost 100% local, organic, and seasonal food.


  • EU City Lab on Public Procurement for More Local, Seasonal and Sustainable Food
    29-30 May 2024, Liège (BE)

    How can public procurement become a leverage for more sustainable local food systems? This EU City Lab aimed to discuss this topic and present the good practices adopted in such area by the hosting city of Liège (BE), as well as by many other guest cities from around Europe. 

  • EU City Lab on Sustainable Land Use for Agri-food 

    Stay tuned for the announcement of the location and dates!


EU City Labs on Energy TransitionEnergy transition


Each EU City Lab on Energy Transition focuses on the components of a successful and just energy transition, shares the stories and good practices from cities on the forefront of this transition. Find out more here!



The series of events includes:

  • EU City Lab on Energy Transition #1
    23-24 November 2023, Viladecans (ES)

    This pilot event focused on local learning communities’ practices, the challenges to set up energy communities and how a multi-level governance approach can help to shape better cities. 


  • EU City Lab on Energy Transition #2

    Stay tuned for the announcement of the location and dates!