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Catch up on the latest updates from cities working together in URBACT Networks. The articles and news that are showcased below are published directly by URBACT’s beneficiaries and do not necessarily reflect the programme’s position.

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  • Digital Inclusion: A Gateway to Integration for Migrants

    Today, the technological and digital transition is accelerating, making access to technology and online resources essential. Some people, already facing various forms of discrimination, are digitally excluded, complicating their integration. For newcomers, digital inclusion is crucial for their integration and well-being. Ensuring their access to digital tools and resources eases their transition and encourages active societal participation. The WELDI network is developing strategies to promote this inclusion, exemplified by Cluj-Napoca's detailed plan for an online one-stop shop.  

    Sofiane Youssef

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  • photo group from transnational meeting in Greece

    Green and Digital Transition in Rural Areas


    What does “green transition” mean? What should local governments do to boost the “digital transition”?  These themes were central to discussions at the last ECONNECTING Transnational Meeting in Greece, hosted by the Municipality of West Mani in June.


    Mariachiara Di Tella

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  • REMOTE-IT Online Forum: Green Transition and Remote Work

    Barbara Damić

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  • Urban harmony : Promote Planetary Health and One Health for a sustainable future

    David Huberdeau

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  • Follow our One Health 4 Cities activity updates

    Sofia Aivalioti

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  • 10 Reasons Why…. Cities Should Interpret Their Spend Analysis

    At the second Transnational Meeting of the Making Spend Matter Network held in Kavala in June 2019, our partners shared how they have used the Spend Analysis Methodology to understand the procurement spend of their own Municipalities by geography, by sector, and in business type terms.


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