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Catch up on the latest updates from cities working together in URBACT Networks. The articles and news that are showcased below are published directly by URBACT’s beneficiaries and do not necessarily reflect the programme’s position.

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  • Cities After Dark: Baseline Study

    Nuno Almeida

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  • Sipping coffee in Sligo: How a commitment to community and attention to detail turned things around for downtown—one cup at a time

    The year is 2013 and few residents of Sligo, Ireland have heard of a BID, or Business Improvement District. Stakeholders in the local commerce sector operated independently and seldomly in cooperation with the County Council. Fast forward to December 6, 2023 when a group of 26 individuals from ten different countries all over Europe touched down in Sligo to glean best practices for city centre management. Sligo’s remarkable success story provided a fitting backdrop for the first transnational meeting of the Cities@Heart URBACT Action Planning Network.

    Suzanne Pergal

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  • Szabolcs 05, Hungary, ULG, Beyond the Urban

    Empowering communities through URBACT Local Groups

    URBACT Local Groups (ULGs) are a cornerstone of our projects. ULGs are vital in fostering a participatory approach at the local level, ensuring that communities actively contribute to urban development. As we embark on the Activation Stage of our projects, a vast number of ULGs have been created among the Beyond the Urban partner territories, and First ULG meetings have taken place, starting to empower their communities:

    Monica Carrera

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  • Who are the Agents of Co-Existence?

    The Agents of Co-Existence network, made up of nine partners situated across Europe, has embarked on an exciting collaborative journey. The lead partner, Genk (BE), is joined by project partners from Aarhus (DK), Breda (NL), Quart de Poblet (ES), Gdańsk (PL), Banská Bystrica (SK), Budaörs (HU), Ķekava (LV), and the intercommunity Development Association of the Iași Metropolitan Area (RO). Together, they aim to promote transparent, innovative and citizen-centred governance.

    Natasja Meysman

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  • COPE: Coherent Place-based Climate Action (Ολοκληρωμένη τοπική πρωτοβουλία για το Kλίμα) URBACT IV

    Ida Nordborg

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    Over the next two years, the ten cities forming the URBACT In4Green network will collaborate to devise local solutions addressing the challenges of industrial transition


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