The URBACT Knowledge Hub brings together good practices from across the EU, with the latest urban trends, to fill the gaps and make sure that the learning is within everyone's reach. Despite of their size and number of inhabitants, cities have often been designed to make room for cars. Three URBACT Networks have reflected on how we can shift the mobility paradigm in Europe to create more inclusive spaces. Together under the Walk'n'Roll initiative, 28 cities -- from towns to metropolises -- have explored common visions and practical interventions through different workshops, events and a series of guidance. Take a ride with us and discover why streets belong to people!

  • Climate action
  • Urban planning
  • Social cohesion
  • Public space
Taking the necessary steps towards Walk'n'Roll

The Walk'n'Roll lessons were drawn from the following Action Planning Networks (2019 - 2022):


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URBACT Walk'n'Roll Guidebook

Guidance for cities of all sizes


URBACT Walk'n'Roll who is it for?

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Intro and challenges
Visions and interventions
This booklet delves into the mobility challenges and the roots of the problems. To face adversities, readers are invited to consider new ways of thinking urban planning. The second booklet showcases principles and visions that can lead the way forward. Specific interventions are also described,so cities can adapt them to their needs. The final booklet looks at how cities can make change happen in the long run. It introduces methodological and policy recommendations, alongside interviews from the Action Planning Networks' cities.
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